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Common Printer Problem and Solution

Common Printer Problem and Solution - Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Common Printer Problem and Solution - Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Printer  is the most used hardware in the computer. That is why small troubles are coming in the printer. This problem   can be related to both software  and  hardware . There are some bad ones that you can fix on your own, so let's know the common printer problem and their solutions- 

If your printer suddenly stops working, there may be many reasons behind it, as we have already told you, your operating system only gives instructions to your hardware to work. So we start from here - 

  • If you have just bought a new printer, its driver's CD or DVD must have come with it, keep it handy. If ever there is a driver related problems in your printer. So you can fix it with him. 
  • If the print is not coming out then check some things- 
    • Whether the printer is switched on or not. 
    • Printer USB data is only properly connected to the CPU by 
    • Whether the printer driver is installed or not. 
    • Check the control panel, the printer is not offline anymore. 
    • Whether the cartridge is properly installed in the printer. 
    • In addition to the green light of the printer, the lil has not been exhausted. 
  • There is a problem with some people and it does not select the printers from which software they print, and they do not select the printer which they have already installed and command the default printer for Windows. So before checking the print, check once that you are giving commands to the same printer which you have here. 
  • If the paper is trapped in the printer, do not force the force with it, take it out of the direction gradually, where the print out comes out. 
  • If you have a laser printer and its ink is over, then leave the carpet and shake it slowly, you can remove 10-20 prints comfortably. 
  • Before applying paper in the printer, check whether the paper is folded or cracked. 
  • Apply only the good quality paper in the laser printer, if it uses more light paper then it can screw up your printer quickly. 
  • In the rainy season, keep the paper from a moist place. Due to the heat in the laser printer, there is a steam from humidity that can spoil your printer. For this, keep the paper in the sun for some time. 
  • Most printers have the option of a test printer, for which the computer does not need to be turned on, if there is a common problem, then use the test printer, if the printer test is fine print and not print from the computer If you are thinking then there is a problem in your operating system, printer driver or data cable, check them one by one. 
  • If you have given multiple print commandos together with the printer, sometimes the printer stops working. For this, go to the Control Panel and check that no print is still in waiting. If it is, then cancel it or restart the computer.


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