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Parts of CPU and their Functions - English

Parts of CPU and their Functions - Internal CPU

Parts of CPU and their Functions -  Internal CPU

It is a part of the computer which Arithametik such as the went all the information into the computer program  (Arithmetic) ,  logic  (logic) operates or any other information. Most  CPU  means is just processing device and a processing unit ( Processing Unit  is told).   

CPU   is responsible for interpretation and implementation of computer software and hardware. Over time, the size of the computer was also small, along with the   CPU too. If you talk about today's  CPU  , then today's  CPU is  very small and like a box from a choker which has lots of parts attached to it too small. Each  part has its own important work and looks at its eagerness to look at the CPU 's work.  


Some of the CPU  components:

 CPU  has many components, the first of which is

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit):   It is less that they operate every Arithmetic given in the computer. 

CU (Control Unit)  :  It manages every component of the computer, it takes information from computer memory, reads them, then changes them into a series of signals so that the rest of the computer can start its work.

SMPS:  SMPS   supplies power to your computer. It is like a box and with this  all the main stars of the computer CPU are connected  .  

Motherboard: The  motherboard computer  is the most important part of the CPU  , it works as a mainframe of a computer in a way. By connecting with this, all the parts of the computer can do its job. The motherboard is also known to be made of some essential parts such as it has enough electrical component capacitors, resistor, transistor, condenser, diode, integrated circuit connected. 

RAM (Random Access Memory)  : which helps your computer run and give speed to your computer , RAM  connects directly to the CPU  , it has many types like  read only, static, dynamic etc.

Computer  Processor  :  A chocker at the bottom of the fanboard ofyour  CPU  's mother will also be connected to the processor by putting the processor, which processes every input given to your computer, reduces it, and gives output to the computer screen, which we consider to be our result. is.

has some internal storage devices that store your data like

ROM (Read Only Memory)  : Your computer has an internal storage device, but you can not change the files stored in it because the files stored in it are related to your computer software and changing them to your computer software. Problems can have their addition has a fan  ( fan )  is what your CPU   prevents heat.

Hard disk  : We work on many documents in our computer, put songs, movies, games for our entertainment, so all your files are stored in the hard disk so that whenever you can use your INF files again . The hard disk reduces like a memory card on your computer in a way, and you can make its size more or less according to your size. Now there is a deaf storage hard disk available for the storage of our data in the market.

CPU  than these in some parts also are deaf parts ( External  Storage Parts  ) as called 

DVD Writer  : To get some movies or documents, we just got the DVD (digital versetile disk)  . So in order to use those same DVDs  , we have given the DVD Writer  in  our  CPU .  

Floppy Driver  : First of all the storage floppy of our files is used, it also  looks like    DVD  but stores on the magnetic field and you did not have much data stored in it and today has replaced the other storage devices . But still many flops are used to store the files needed in the office.

USB Port  :   CPU   in  USB Port  is given to the option of connectivity, with them you can use it to add your Pandraiv, card reader, Internet and any other external device. The CPU  also gives you a pin to connect your phone's headphones,  and each part has its own one which by which meeting our computer is fully functional. 


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