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Computer keyboard information] Know your computer keyboard

Computer keyboard information] Know your computer keyboard

[Computer keyboard information] Know your computer keyboard

Key-board is the most important part of a computer, if there were no key keyboards, then maybe this article was not typed, you might have understood its importance- 

Key Board: - what is the keyboard in computer

A keyboard-like device is a typewriter in which buttons are given to enter the information in the computer, which are called keys.

 Typewriter Keys: - Typewriters

It is the main part of the board, it mainly works for typing related work, by these we can type in any language, for this, we need to change the font in the computer.

Function keys: - Function Keys

At the top of the typewriter, one line lasts from F-1 to F-12 numbers. While working on any software, they are used differently according to the list given in the same software.

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Cursor control keys: - Cursor control keys

The computer's cursor is controlled by these keys, so that you can easily move the cursor up, down, left, right, it is displayed by the arrow sign on the board.

On the keyboard, some other cursor control keys are also present right above the arrow keys. This is as follows:

Page Up Keys: - Page Up keys

They are used to go to the previous page of the document.

Page Down keys: - Page Down keys

They are used to go to the next page.

Home Key: - Home Key

It is used to bring the cursor to the beginning of the line.

End Key: - End Key

It moves the cursor to the end of the line.

Numeric pad: - numeric keypad

The-board is the Dari the numeric keypad with the same keys to Kailukuletr. Some of these keys work two. Damp folk is used to change the two functions of numeric keys. For example, the number 7 works only as a home. When damp folk is off. When the damp folk is at. So 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 chromatic keys, numeric keyage works as Pressing any of these shows a number on the screen.

Caps Lock: - Caps Lock

Typically the letter is typed in lower case. If you once Caps Tarip type case giving typed Janeala letter Additional Casa down the block. Once again to type it in lower case, press the Caps People again.

Shift keys: - Shift Keys

By pressing it if you press any letter, it will be typed in the upper case letter. If the caps are in the position of the law, then this process will be reversed. When two symbols or characters are drawn on one, the overhead mark will show on the screen by suppressing the clip.

Control and Alt keys: - Ctrl and Alt keys

Control and Alt keys are often used in combination with other to do any special work. For example, control and C return to the dos prompt. By pressing the control alt and delete keys simultaneously, the machine restarts itself.

Entertainment: - Enter Return keys

Enter key is also called a return. It is mainly used for two tasks. First it informs the PC that you have left the task of giving instructions. So, process or execute the given instructions. When using the second Microsoft Word program, pressing Enter starts a new paragraph or spacetime.

Tab's: - Tab

It moves the cursor forward to a predefined location. By this you can start paragraphs and write column, text or numbers in a straight line. In some software it helps to move from one option to the other in the menu.

Delete: - Delete

You can delete the character or space written on the right side of the cursor by pressing it.

Backspace Key: - Back Space

By pressing it you can erase the cursor and the other written characters. By doing so, the cursor returns to the end, removing the typed word in the end. 


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