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How to pin Windows 7 desktop icons in the Taskbar विण्‍डोज 7 में डेस्‍कटॉप के आइकन को टास्‍कबार में कैसे लगायें

A very nice feature is provided in Windows 7, so that you can pinpoint any of your important programs or files to the desktop shortcut in your taskbar, which you use repeatedly, so that it is in front of you. And that's where you can open its reset files directly, you can open the history of the internet browser directly from it. Let's know how -

The desktop shortcut of any program or file Pin the icon to the taskbar, select it with the mouse and pick it up and put it in the taskbar, by doing so, it will be pinned in your taskbar, for example we have picked up the Google Chrome desktop shortcut and put it in the taskbar, now the browser's To view the history, right click with the mouse, you will see the browser history history from there. 

Unpin the program from the taskbar -
If you want to unpin the pinned program then right-click on the program icon from the mouse and click on unpin this program from taskbar. 


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