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Input Device - Input Tools

Input Device - Input Tools

Input Device is the device through which we can input our data or instructions into Computer. Input devices provide connectivity between computers and humans. Computer has many Input Device, it directs the brain to Devices Computer, what does it do? Input Device is available in many forms and everyone has a specific purpose. For typing we have the keyboard, which we type in our instructions.
Input Device is  the device  that gives our instructions or commands to the  computer   's mind,  cpu (CPU)  . "

There are several types of Input Device, which are as follows -
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joystick
  • Trackball
  • Light pen
  • Touch screen
  • Digital Camera
  • Scanner
  • Digitizer Tablet
  • Bar Code Reader
  • OMR
  • OCR
  • IMCR
  • ATM

Keyboard ( Keyboard )
There is a peripheral of key-board computer that is partially like the key board of typewriter. Key-boards are designed to input text and characters. Physically, the computer's keyboard is rectangular. There are about 108 keys. There are several types of keys in the key board like letters, alphabet, number, symbol, function key, Arrow key, and some special types of keys. Are there.

 Based on the keyboard structure, we can divide its keys into six parts-
  1. Alphanumeric Keys
  2. Numeric Keypad
  3. Function Keys
  4. Special Purpose Keys
  5. Modifier Keys
  6. Cursor Keys
Alphanumeric Keys: -  Alphanumeric Keys are located in the center of the keyboard. Alphanumeric Keys contain Alphabets (AZ), Number (0-9), Symbol (@, #, $,%, ^, *, &, +,!, =),. In this section, the keys, symbols, and alphabets apart from the four keys are Tab, Caps, Backspace and Enter for some specific functions.
Numeric Keypad: - The  numeric keypad contains approximately 17 keys. In which numbers of 0-9, mathematical operators like- +, -. *, / And Enter key.
Function Keys: -  These 12 function keys are probably at the top of key-board. Which are up to F1, F2 ...... .. F12. These keys are helpful in using instructions as shot-cut. The functions of these keys change according to the software.
Specific Purpose Keys : -  These keys are used to perform certain tasks. E.g., Sleep, Power, Volume, Start, Shortcut, Esc, Tab, Insert, Home, End, Delete, etc. These keys correspond to certain tasks of the new operating system.
Modifier Keys : -  There are three keys, namely SHIFT, ALT, CTRL. There is no special use on these pressures alone, but when they are used with any other key, they transform the input of those keys. So these are called modifiers.
Cursor Keys : -  These four types of keys are UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT. They are used to move the cursor to the screen.

Types of keyboards
Normal Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard
Ergonomic Keyboard
Simple keyboards: -  Ordinary keyboards are keyboards that are commonly used, which users use in their PC. Its size is rectangular, it has approximately 108 keys and it has a cable connecting to the computer which is connected to the CPU.

Wireless Key Board: -  Wireless Keyboard user gets rid of the use of wire on key board. Some companies have entered the wireless ki-board market. This keyboard works for a limited amount of time. This wireless keyboard is a bit expensive and has some technical complexity. Due to its technical complexity, its circulation has not been very high.
Argonomic Key Board: -  Many companies have created a special type of keyboard, which gives the user the comfort of typing to the other key board. Such keyboards are called Ergonomic Keyboards, such as increasing the work capacity of the user, especially the user, in reducing the pain of wrist arising due to continuous typing. Gives assistance.

Mouse  (Mouse)
In present time, the mouse is the most popular Pointer Device, which is used to make Picture or Graphics as well as to click on a button or Menu. With this help we can use our keyboards without using keyboard. Can control.
There are two or three buttons in the mouse, with the help of which the computer is instructed. Moving the mouse moves the pointer on the screen. The bottom of the mouse is the rubber ball (Boll). This ball is rotated when moving the mouse over the plane surface.
Functions of the mouse: -
  • Clicking
  • Double Clicking
  • Right Clicking
  • Dragging
  • Scrolling

Types of Mouse : -  Mouse is often of three types.
  1. Mechanical Mouse
  2. Optical Mouse
  3. Cordless Mouse
Mechanical Mouse  Mechanical Mouse They are the mouse. The lower part of which is a rubber ball when the mouse is rotated on the surface, it rotates inside that shell, after the movement of the ball inside the mouse, the sensors inside it give signals to the computer.

Optical mouse  (Optical Mouse) : -  optical mouse (Optical Mouse) is a new type of non-mechanical (non-mechanical) mouse | In this, a beam of light (ray) is emitted from the surface below it, depending on the change, it determines the distance and distance of the object.
 Wireless Mouse  (Cordless Mouse) : -  Wireless Mouse (Cordless Mouse) they mouse that solve the problem for you wire | It communicates information to your computer with the help of Radio Frequency technology. There are two main components in the transmitter and the receiver, which is in the transmitter mouse which sends the signal of the mouse as the electromagnetic signal and the click of its receiver, receiver that receives the signal that is connected to your computer. Does.

Joystick  (Joystick)
This device is an Input Device used to play video games. It is often used by children to play games on computers. Because this is an easy way to teach children computers. By the way, all the games of the computer can be played by the keyboard, but some games are played at a fast pace. In those games, children do not feel comfortable in their play, so the joystick is used.

Trakbal  (Trackball)
Track Bond is a pointing input device. Which works the same way as the mouse. It has a boiling ball and some buttons are there. Usually, while holding, your thumb is on the ball and your fingers are on its button. To turn the pointer on the screen, rotate the ball with a thumb, the trackball does not need to rotate as a mouse, so it occupies a relatively small space. It is used in Laptop, Mobile and Remold.

 Light Pen  (Light Pen )
Light Pen is used to make any picture or graphics on the computer screen. Light pen has a device like a light sensitive pen. So the light pen is used to select an object. Any graphics created with the help of a light pen can be stored on the computer and can be modified as needed.

 Touch Screen  (Touch Screen)
Touch Screen is an Input Device. There is a type of display in it. With the help of which User selects the object or any object on the screen by positioning your fingers due to a pointing device. Even if a user does not have much information about the computer, it can be used easily. Touch Screen is currently used for railways, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, ATMs Etc.

Bar-code reader  (Bar code reader
The bar code reader is used to read the bar code printed on the product above the price of a product by the Bar Code bar code reader and the other Information can be obtained.

 Scanner ( Scanner)
Scanner is an Input Device that inputs any text or written information made on a page directly into a computer, its main advantage is that the user does not have to type the information.

OMR (OMR) or Optical Mark Reader is a device that checks the presence and absence of pencil or pen sign on a paper, marked paper is highlighted and reflected light is checked. Where the sign will be present, the intensity of light reflected by that part of the paper will be less. OMR (OMR) is used to check the answer sheet of an exam. These examinations have optional questions in the question paper 

 O.c.r. ( OCR)
Optical Character Recognition or OCR is such a technique. Which is used to read a particular type of symbol, letter, or number, these characters can be read by the light source. OCR instruments read the characters printed by typewriter, the character of the cash register and the character of the credit card. OCR remains stored in font computers. To whom OCR (OCR) standard.
Automatic currency instruments or ATMs (Automatic Teller Machine) is a tool that we often get in the bank, shopping malls, at railway stations, at airports, bus stands, and in other important markets and public places. ATM. With the help of, you can also deposit money, withdraw it, and also check balance. ATM. The facility is available 24 hours a day.

Mkaiksikark ( MICR)
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is widely used in banking, where people have to work with a large number of checks. In short, where does the MICR go? MICR is used to read the characters printed from Megnatic Ink. These machines are fast and automatic, as well as the chance of making mistakes in the same way.


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