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Output Device - English

Output Device

Output Device is an organ of the hardware or the main physical part of the computer that can be touched, it can be touched by any part of the information and any type of information like sound, data, memory (Memory), shapes (layouts) etc. Output Devices generally include the monitor printer and the printer and the projector.
 "The devices by which the results obtained from the computer are obtained  are called Output Devices"

There are many types of output devices. Monitor Printer Plotter Projector Sound Card Earphone Monitor ( Monitor)
Monitor: - Monitor is an Output Device, which is a TV As the screen displays the output on the screen, it is also called a visual display unit, the monitor is usually classified into three parts based on the colors they display -

Monochrome: - The word is made up of two words mono (i.e. single) and chrome (i.e. color), so it is called single color display and it displays the monitor output as black & white (Display).

 Gray-Scale: - These monitors are like monochrome but it displays any type of display in gray shades. These types of monitors are mostly handy computers such as Laptop ) Are used in

Color Monitor: - Such monitor displays output as RGB (Red-Green-Blue) radiation adjustment due to the principle that such monitor was able to display graphics in higher resolutions At the time of computer memory, such monitors have the ability to display the output between 16 to 16 million colors

Printer : - The printer is an online output device that prints the information obtained from the computer on paper. This copy of the output is called a hard copy. The output of the computer is very fast. And the printer is not able to work so fast, so it was felt that information can be stored in the printer (Printer) so a printer in the printer (M Emory) from where it prints the results gradually 

"Printer is an Output Device that converts soft copy to hard copy"

Plotter: -
Plotter is an output device, can be printed from drawings, charts, graphs etc. It can also be done by printing 3 D printing through it, banner poster etc. can be printed
"Plotter is an output device that prints charts, graphs, drawings, diagrams, etc. on hard copy"

It is of two types
  • Drum pen Plotter
  • Flat bed Plotter
Sound Card & Speaker: -
Sound card is an extension (Expansion) is required to be board is used in sound editing (Transacted) and to use it for is to Output watching listening to songs movie computer or playing games nowadays it Sound Card Mother the board is pre-built (in built) consists of a sound card and speakers to complement each other to produce the speaker sound with the sound card almost all São Distributing cards MIDI (changes Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Support do Meedi music in the analog signal to digital data with a standard sound card two ways of expressing in electronic form |

Projector: -
The projector can be used to show the audience by displaying the use of an output device projector images or videos on a projection screen |

Projectors are of the following types:
  1. video projector   
  2. Movie projector    
  3. Slide projector


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