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Tips for Save Printer Ink-Ink Save Color Ink to Ink

Tips for Save Printer Ink-Ink Save Color Ink to Ink

Cheap, colorful and fast this feature is used in inkjet printers to print colorful printouts and photos, as it has been said earlier that it is cheap, where laser printer comes in between 5-7 thousand At the same time, inkjet printers are found in between 2-4 thousand, due to cheap prices, it affects the home users very much, they easily buy them, but some of their common problems Yayen too much, its ink means ink which becomes clear very quickly and if it be not soon refill dried it, if you adopt a few tips you can reduce some of the problems - 

Save Color Printer Inc. -  Tips to Save Printer Ink in Hindi

You can buy inkjet printers only by looking at your work, if you remove print once or twice a month do not take inkjet printers. Buy inkjet printers only when you think you will have to print at least 1 page per day, otherwise if you do not have any work of color print out then it would be better if you buy laser printers. When buying, choose the printer with thermal technology, in which we can refill the ink in the carpet again and can change the cartage if desired. 

  • When the carpet is empty, it is possible to refill immediately, if the carpet is too late, the carpet is likely to get spoiled.
  • Keep printing out of printers in 1-2 days, if not done, the cartridge head dries and needs to be cleaned repeatedly, it also has effect on print quality, the lines in the print begin. 
  • The print head moves in the rod in the inkjet printer, if some dust is deposited on it then it can not move properly, so in the printer from time to time, clean the dust from the air by the blower and But if you get oil with a little bit of smoothness, it is very good if the sewing machine gets oil. 
  • Print only when needed, do not print unnecessarily because the inkjet printer's cartridge is very empty. 
  • If you have more work of color printing then buy extra color drum printers. 
  • If you want to print out some typing work, select 'Black Ink Only' or 'Grayscale' print mode. This will not allow you to use printer color cartage. 
  • Select fast draft printing quality to create children's projects, etc. More colors can be printed out in Color Ink. 
  • Often, there is a problem of trapping the page in the inkjet printer, so keep the 10-15 pages in the paper tray instead of the single page instead. 


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