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Windows XP Professional 32bit ISO download

Windows XP Professional 32 bit ISO download

Windows XP Professional ISO download for 32 bit and 64 bit pc. Windows XP Professional SP3 ISO bootable image free download. Windows XP is light, stable and super fast. It has been the most popular operating system of Microsoft. You can also download more advance version Windows 7 Ultimate released after Windows XP.

Key features of Windows XP Professional

  • Faster boot and application launch
  • Automatic wireless connection support
  • Internet connection firewall
  • Remote desktop access
  • Built-in CD burner
  • Improved hardware support
  • Windows Media Player

System requirements to install Windows XP Professional

  • At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (128 MB is recommended)
  • At least 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available space on the hard disk
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution
  • Keyboard and a Microsoft Mouse or some other compatible pointing device



  • File Name -Windows_XP_Pro_SP3_32_bit.iso 



  • SIZE - 618  MB

  • Windows XP Professional ISO download links:

    Software version: 5.1.2600
    Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
    Windows XP Pro 32 bit ISO download


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