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Features of Operating System

Features of Operating System

Features of Operating System

1) Memory management: -
          Programs and statistics have to be stored in memory before executing. Most operating systems provide more than one program to stay in memory at one time. The operating system determines that the memory being used does not overwrite the memory used when the program is finished.

2) Multi programming: - Multi programming is the 
          process of operating more than two processes at one time. Based on special techniques, CPU It is decided by which program to run in these programs. At the same time, the CP U Runs a program, the Output Division receives the result of the completed program from the CPU, and the input division uses another program to c. Enters P.U. Thus in the process c.

3) Multi Processing: - For 
           more than one task at one time, more than one CPU is maintained on the system. This technique is called multi-processing. Multi-processing system has been built keeping in mind the multi-processor system. Therefore, due to the availability of more than one processor, input output and processing are coordinated between the three functions. The system using more than one CPU of the same type is known as the symmetric multi-processor system.

4) Multi Tasking: - 
           Interactive control in more than one process, kept in memory is known as multi-tasking. Before removing control from a program, its former condition is preserved, When the control comes on this program the program stays in its former state. In multi tasking, the user feels like all the work is going on simultaneously. 

5) Multi threading: - 
           This is an extended form of multi tasking. A program runs more than one thread at the same time. For example, a spreadsheet calculates a long time at which time the user puts data.
6) Real time: - 
           The process of real time operating system is very fast, the real time operating system is used when the computer is being controlled by a certain special. The result of this type of experiment is immediately received. And this result is immediately used in its calculations. The process to be controlled when needed, can be changed. Through this technique, the work of the computer is constantly taking data, calculating them, arranging them in memory, and giving directions based on the results of the calculation. 


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