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How to create an icon on the desktop to shutdown the shutdown icon on the desktop

  • Open the Notepad. 
  • Paste this code into it.  Shutdown -s -t 2 
  • Now save this Notepad file in any drive, save this file as .bat while saving it. 
  • For example, suppose we save this file as a  shutdown  , save it as shutdown.bat. 
  • As soon as you save, the shutdown.bat file will be created in your drive   . 
  • Now right click the mouse on this file. 
  • In the menu, select Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut). 



  1. Now come to your computer's desktop. 
  2. Here  , right-click with the mouse on the shortcut of shutdown.bat name form and enter click on Properties. 
  3. Select the shortcut tab here. 
  4. When the Shortcut key is written, after clicking on it with the mouse in the column, press the "S" key in the key-board with the Ctrl + Alt button. By doing this you will see the  Shortcut key -  Ctrl + Alt + S. 
  5. If you want to change its icon also, click Change icon. 
  6. Now select any of the icons that appear here, or select the icon of the shutdown, then click OK. 
  7. Now your shutdown icon and shortcut are both ready. 
  8. Now when you click on this icon or  press Ctrl + Alt + S, your computer will shut down. 


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