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How to do the hard disk partition How to Disk Hard Disk Partitions

Sometimes we have to keep any of our necessary data hidden so that no one can see or delete it. Many people use different types of software to hide their files or data from others, but in Windows 7, if you want, any part of the hard disk can be hid without any software; Never was there anymore. How do you know -

Hedge the hard disk partition to do this -

  • Click the Start button on Windows 7 and type "Computer Management" in the search box and open Computer Management. Just like we had learned to make a new partition of hard disk in Windows 7, in exactly the same way.  
  • After opening the Computer Management Program, click Disk Management. 
  • Right click on the drive you want to hydrate and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. 

  • Now select this remover and click on it. 
  • It will show you a notification, make it even more. 

  • If you have installed a program in this drive, then it will not work, you will see this warning message. Try not to drive a drive in which the programs are installed along with your data. 

  •  Once you click Yes, your disk partition will be hid. 

Unselect Hidden Partition 

  • To unhide the disk partition, follow the same step again. 
  • Now right-click the icon of the same drive which was Hyde and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. 

  • Click on the Add button, after clicking on another dialog box will open, also ok it. Your Hyd disk partition will appear. 


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