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How to install Windows 7 in Hindi - Learn how to install Windows 7

How to install Windows 7 in Hindi - Learn how to install Windows 7

How to install Windows 7 in Hindi - Learn how to install Windows 7 

After Windows XP, Window 7 has now become a favorite window for people, window window has given many important features in comparison to window xp. It has many different types of important features. If you also use Window 7 instead of Window xp, you will also like it too. So let's know how windows 7 install?
To install Windows 7 you will need a bootable disk of Windows 7. If you have a windows 7 bootable disk then you will be able to install windows. To install Windows 7, insert the Windows 7 bootable CD or pen drive into your computer. If you do not have a Windows 7 bootable CD or pen drive, you can download Windows 7 SP1 ISO DEMO from Microsoft Official site. 

Step 1:  Install Windows 7's bootable CD or pen drive in your computer to install Windows 7. Now enter restart (Restart) the computer and press the F2 button of the keyboard, and set the order in 1st Boot Device Mark your CD / DVD, PEN DRIVE ie enter select your device | Now restart the computer by pressing F10.
Step 2:  Now press any key boot from cd or DVD while restart ... Press any button on the keyboard when it is written.

Windows is loading files,
Step 3:  Windows is loading files, this is the necessary setup file copy from DVD. It takes a few minutes. Wait

Step 4:   After a while Select your language, the time & asked currency format, keyboard or input method, herein Please be English only Select the language, form click on Next.

Step  5:  Now you will see the Windows 7 install now window, click on install now here.

Step  6:  After this, windows 7 license terms will come here, tick this on the license terms and next.

Step 7:  Upgrade and Custom (Advanced) option will come in this next window. If your computer windows xp first install and you will enter click on Upgrade if you want to Upgrade into Windows 7 and if you want to brand new Windows 7 install click on Custom (advanced) enter you old windows xp Will be able to delete 

Step 8: Once  you click on Custom, you will be asked to partition the hard disk in which you want to install Windows 7. If you want to format the partition enter Click on Disk Option, then just delete the partition made new again, and if you do not want to make the form click on Next to select the partition C.

Step 9:  Now for a while, leave the computer as such until the computer restart itself. Here the installation of windows 7 will start. It will be completed in Step 5. It may take 5-10 minutes, or even more, depending on the speed of your computer.

Step 10: After the  computer restart, there will be some more process, but you do not have to do anything.

Step 11:  After some time the user name and password will be asked. If you want to put a password in the computer then you can put it or leave it blank, please do it.

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