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How to Remove Virus from Computer or Laptop

How to Remove Virus from Computer or Laptop

Nowadays the virus has become a problem for everyone. From this article you can learn how to remove the virus from your computer or laptop without any software (How to Remove Virus from Laptop or Computer)

Virus defects your computer. You can also call the virus as a malware. They hide in your files and folders, and you can not even delete them, many times you may have experienced that you want to delete something or change its name but you can not change it, then it is because of Virus. There are so many viruses that come from being named  "Autorun.inf", "Ravmon", "New Folder.exe", "Trojan" Vageri Vagare  . So let's know

How to Remove Virus (Remove Virus Through CMD)

Here you are given step by step information, follow them.

1.  Open the Command Prompt window (Open Command Prompt Window (CMD))
If you search by typing the command you will see a command prompt (type command and search)

2.  Your which  drives  affected by viruses  written her O  Enter  (Type Drive Name Which Is Infected By Virus)
Such as if my virus O in H Drive   H:  Likhuga and  Enter  press Kruga

3. After typing the name of the drive, write   attrib -s -h *. * / S / d  and  Enter   (Now type  attrib -s -h *. * / S / d  and enter)
4. After that,  "dir" is  written and E nter , you will see a lot of files in front of you , find the name of the virus from it  , like this you  will see "autorun.inf" in the image  (Type  dir  and enter, find virus File name

5. Now you can change the name of that virus,  change the  name for this   REN "H: /autorun.inf" "Your Merge Name"  (REN  "Name of files to be deleted"  (space)  "Name to be Given ")
Here  , instead of  H , you  write the name of the drive on which you see a virus. 
Now you can delete the file which was not being deleted, so you can remove the virus easily from your computer or laptop. I hope that you have come to understand everything.


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