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How to use sticky notes on windows 7 How to use sticky notes in Windows 7

How to use sticky notes on windows 7 How to use sticky notes in Windows 7

Sticky Notes (sticky notes) a feature of the work (in Windows 7 Feature)  have some notes when given, even if you hurry, MS Word, etc. There is no need to open, make use of your sticky notes It can open very quickly, is ready for typing all the time, and the meter written in it gets saved automatically, no need to file a file name. Like you have to write temporarily, that in the evening I have to do this work or someone else's phone number, then write on the sticky note, now if you work on the computer till the evening then it will be in front of your eyes, Keep reminding you that you have to do this work.

aHow to Open Sticky Notes - 
  Click on the START button >> Click on  All  Programs >> Click on Accessories >> Click the sticky notes.

If you want to make the shortcuts of the shortcuts on the desktop, right-click on the sticky notes on the desktop >> click on Send >> go to Desktop (create Shortcut). 

How to use sticky notes with shortcuts sticky notes with shortcuts

By the way, you can note anything at the time of opening the sticky notes, but if you know some shortcuts you can get work even faster - 

  • For CTRL + L = Left Alignment
  • CTRL + E = For Center Alignment
  • For CTRL + R = Right Alignment
  • CTRL + B = To Bold
  • CTRL + I = To Italic
  • CTRL + U = to underline
  • CTRL + SHIFT +> = To increase font size
  • CTRL + SHIFT + <= to reduce the font size
 You can also create bullet lists and number lists in sticky notes.
CTRL + SHIFT + L (pressing 1 time) = Bullet List (●, ●, ●)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (pressing 2 times) = Numbered List (1, 2, 3)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (3 times) Pressed) = Lettered List (a, b, c)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (pressed 4 times) = Lettered List (A, B, C)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (Pressing 5 times) = Roman Numeral List (i , Ii, iii)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (pressing 6 times) = Roman Numeral List (I, II, III)

Sticky notes are not minimized and maximize, but if you have to increase the site event of sticky notes, then you can grab the right site by grab with the mouse and the size increases,


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