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Software and its type

Software and its type

software Computer is Part which we can only see and can act on it, Software construct is used to make Simple to operate Computer, is built Software according to the present work, as Work Software. Software is the largest offer to users in large companies by Software programmers in mind, are available in a free of it and have to be charged for something. For example, if you have to work related to the photo, then use the media player for photoshop or any video to see it. 

Computers are a set of different programs through which specific tasks can be done. The computer has two parts, the first is called the hardware whereas the other software. Hardware is the physical part of the computer that we can touch, which performs a certain task for which they have been created, such as Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU, Printer, Projector etc. In contrast, there is a set of software programs that determine the functions of these hardware such as word processing, Operating System, Presentation etc. Comes with the hardware which interfaces. If the comparison of the hardware goes from the computer's body then the software is compared to the computer's mind. Just as the human body is useless without the brain, there is no existence of a computer without software. For example we use keyboard, Mouse, Printer,
"Software is a Group of Programs"
After Computer On, Software is loaded first in RAM and Execute is done in Central Processing Unit. It is made in Machine Language, which is special for a different processor. It is also written in High Level Language and Assembly Language.

Required software ( Needs Of Software)  -
As we know, there is a group of computers, hardware and software, if the software is removed from it, then the computer will remain like a box. This box can not work until it is operated in Operating System Software. This means that Operating System Software is required to do anything in Computer. We also require some software other than operating system software. For example, if you want to type a letter or create a graphic chart or to create a presentation or manage your office personal data, then you need again several different software for different purposes. Which is called Application Software.
In addition, if your computer gets infected with the virus, then you will need a utility software called utility. In short, if you have a computer system and you want to work smoothly, you will need software from time to time.

The software may need the following reasons:
  • To turn on Computer
  • To type the letter
  • To create a chart
  • To create a presentation
  • To manage data
  • To Use Internet
Types of software ( Types Of Software)   The Computer Software divided into three parts | System Software, Application Software and Utility Software.
System software  (System Software)  -
System software System Software is a software that manages and controls hardware (hardware) so that the application software can complete its task. This is an essential part of the computer system, the operating system is a clear example.
"System Software  is the one that  works to keep the system  in control and  systematic  " 
If the system software is stored in a non-volatile storage such as Integrated Circuit (IC), then it is usually given the name of the firmware, in essence the system is a group of software programs. There are several types of System Software like-
  • Operating System Software
  • Compiler
  • Interpreter
  • Assembler
  • Linker
  • Loader
  • Debugger etc.

Operating System Software -  Operating System is a System Software, which is loaded after the computer is turned on. That is, this is a necessary program for computer to boot. In addition to boot the computer, it is necessary for other application software and utility software.
Function of Operating system
  • Process Management
  • Memory Management
  • Disk and File System
  • Networking
  • Security Management
  • Device Drivers
Compiler: -  Compiler translates source code into machine code to create executable file. These codes are called the object code of the executable file. Programmer can execute this executable object file after copying it to another computer. In other words, once the program is compile, an executable file becomes independent, which does not require the compiler to be executed. Each programming language requires a compiler.
            The compiler works to convert the source code into a machine code, its speed is greater and it occupies more space in memory because it reads the entire program at once and if there is an error Error massage shows |
Interpreter: -  Interpreter is  a program that works in converting a program written in the High Level language into a Machine Language. Interpreter translates a single instruction to machine language alternately. Does not translate together into machine language.
            Interpreter occupies less space in memory because it randomly checks every line of the program and if any error occurs in a line, then it immediately shows Error Massage and until the mistake is corrected This does not let go further.
 Assembler: -  Assembler is a program that translates assembly language into machine language. Apart from this, it translates the high level language into Machine language, it changes the mnemonic code like ADD, NOV, SUB etc. into the Binary Code.

Application software  (Application Software)  -
Application Software is a subclass of computer software that is used to do the desired work by the user.
Application Software is  the  Software  that  works  to add User  and  Computer "
Application Software is very useful for Computer if there is no Application Software in the Computer, then we can not do any work on Computer. Without Computer software, there is only one box without Application Software. There are many programs under Application Software which are the following.
  • MS word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Access
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Paint etc.
Utility software  (Utility Software): -
Utility software is also known as service program. It is a type of computer software designed specifically to help in the installation of computer hardware (operating system) or application software.
"Utility Software  they  Software  on computers that are  Repair  to  Computer  is increasing the functionality and help make it more functional | "
 Different types of utility software is available such as-
  • Disk Defragmenter
  • System Profilers
  • Virus Scanner
  • Anti virus
  • Disk Checker
  • Disk Cleaner etc.


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