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What the hardware, what works

What the hardware 

what works

A computer is made up of two elements hardware and software. It is the part of the hardware computer that you can touch , which you can feel and which comes to the computer. It is a computer body in a way. Whereas computer software is a part of computer that you can not touch. There is a group of information in the software computer that lets your computer perform the tasks you give. Computer software uses many codes to carry out its work, as well as to install them in a computer's hard drive to work on computers. You can call it the soul of the computer. These two elements are needed for the computer to work, then it is called a computer.

Computer hardware gives your computer the ability to work.As part of computer hardware, CPU processes all the information , which is then saved in computer RAM or computer's hard disk. A computer only gives voice when it has a speaker. Plus voice card helps you look at the image. All these are part of computer hardware. There are many components of a computer hardware such as display 
 hard drive , keyboard , memory , motherboard , process ,power supply and video card. A compute hardware is produced when all these are met and one computer can do its job well if it works properly. 

Computer Hardware

1. System Unit

This is a type of container, which has many electronic components installed on the computer. Its size is similar to a small box. It is also called a CPU in common language.

2. Input Devices

Input Device is the device that conveys the user-provided instructions to the computer. The most popular input device is, Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner etc.

3. Output Devices

Output Device is the device that displays processed information in a human-worth understandable form. The most popular output device is Monitor, Printer, Speaker etc.

4. Internal Parts

Internal Parts are inside the system unit. These are part of the Motherboard, Memory, Micro Processor, Power Supply Unit etc.

5. Communication Devices

In these devices, we keep those devices that make a computer capable of communicating with other computers. The most popular device in this category is Modem.


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