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What is Computer Booting or Bootable? What is computer booting

What is Computer Booting or Bootable? What is computer booting

What is booting. 

When the computer completes the posting process, then it works to load the window. For which it sees the booting file in every boot device according to the program of Bios.  

"Actually booting is a sequence, which is already stored in a bios by a bios programmer. In this process, the booting device searches for a computer one by one"

The device that gets the booting file. So computer window starts loading.  
The first boot device is created by the manufacturer Floppy Disk Drive. But the user can choose the device of booting in the BIOS accordingly.  

Default Boot Option in CMOS / BIOS SETUP

First Boot Device - Floppy 
Second Boot Device - HDD 0 
Third Boot Device - CDROM 
Boot Other Device - Enabled 

The computer is booted from the hard disk because the hard disk only installs the window. If the window is installed on the hard disk, then the first boot device will be booted from the computer hard disk.


If a computer has two or more hard disks. And both have windows installed. Suppose HDD1 and HDD2 but you have to boot the computer from HDD2, then you will have to first boot the HDD2 in the first boot device, otherwise the computer will boot from the first in the purity. 

While installing windows:

When a new window is inserted in a computer or laptop, the device that you insert the window has to first make the boot. 

If you insert a window from cd then cd will need to go into the bios and make cdrom the first booting device in the boot option. 

Similarly,  Pen Drive, usb cdrom, usb hdd, LAN,  the device from which the window is to be installed must be set to first boot then the computer will boot from that device otherwise, the computer will boot from the hard disk. Or  Insert Boot Media Disk  the  Error Message Screen  will appear.This message will also come in if the window you want to insert the window will not be bootable or will not be properly bootable.  

As soon as the computer starts to go into the BIOS setup, press Del, F2, Ctrl + Alt. Bios are different according to the manufacturer.  

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What is the booting process?
In fact, the entire process of switching from power switch to doss prompt is called booting process. In which primarily DOS loads from disc to RAM and some other actions are done. These actions and their order are as follows:

  1. Post ( POST  : - Power on the computer the first Czech to its own memory and all devices connected they do not have to do the right thing or not and said flange connection process Power On Self Test or short In the case of any type of problem, there is a related error message.
  2. Boot Record ( BOOT RECORD ): - After the check by post, the control boot record is transferred, which displays the entire information about the disks. This information is necessary to remove the information from the disk.
  3. DOS kernel ( DOS KERNAL )  : -This is the third and most important step which DOS kernel is loaded into Menmori DOS kernel is the central part of the operating system, which consist of two distinct systems Failo These are the same in both files Hidden mode |
  4. System Configuration ( SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ): - After the DOS kernel is loaded, the computer finds the CONFIGURATION FILE in this step and according to the given parameters of this file, the system performs various internal settings. SYS is a file in which the user can determine the various values ​​related to the system settings as per their own requirements.
  5. Command command file  (COMMAND.COM): - In the fifth phase, another important file of DOS loads in the COM memory. All internal commands of DOS run through this file.
  6. Auto Executebill Batch File ( BAT ): - In this step, the COMMAND.COM file automatically searches for the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. AUTOEXEC.BAT is a batch file through which we can set the system date, time and paths of various software.
  7. DOS prompt ( DOS PROMPT ): - Allows above appear eventually DOS prompt on the monitor after the whole process that specifies the DOS has been loaded, and the computer is ready to do our work |

Type the booting process ( Types Of Booting : -
  1. Cold booting
  2. Hot booting
Cold Booting: -  When we switch on the computer's main switch, it is called Cold Booting.
Warm booting: In  Warm booting, we boot the computer again by pressing the reset key and ctrl + alt + delete three keys together. To boot the computer, there are three files MSDOS.SYS, IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM in MSDOS Very important. These are the first two files hidden files and COMMAND.COM is a file.


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