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What is Microsoft Windows Operating System

What is Microsoft Windows Operating System

Introduction of Computer windows

Windows is:  Microsoft Windows is a Graphical interface Operating system which Microsoft Corporation has develop | Microsoft Windows is very friendly, popular and most use upcoming OS is very popular between the people because of their graphical display and other features which | Windows operating system, computer and complex operations of the use of windows, icons and tools to simplify the | Microsoft Windows Graphical before the release of the OS, users have used MS-DOS operating on the OS command line | Because Microsoft does your product name simple and unique to accurately define the GUI interface of Microsoft, which was put in a word, is why Microsoft's  "Windows"  Word Choose done because GUI in multiple windows in different task and program run to come in use | That's why Microsoft has to add Windows word with your company's name renamed its product called "Microsoft Windows" to |
Before the Windows command line (MS-DOS) in had to remember command for each task to perform but after the launch of Windows you menus while navigate the mouse on GUI, buttons, tabs, dialog boxes, icons and other GUI option that can easily task perform by use | Microsoft's first Windows version, Windows 1.0 was release in 1985 | After Microsoft had plenty improved version launched were the improvement of all the old version by | This bitch on Linux, Apple OS also launch in but they were not as popular as Microsoft to end users Windows | Windows is the latest version windows 10 |
After DOS launch the users friendly functionalities such as native Windows file manager in windows versions, Program Manager and Print Manager programs, were add the dynamic interface | Later, Microsoft made a specialized Windows packages such as Windows for Workgroups, domains and the high-powered Windows NT, Windows server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016 and more business and network management friendly OS its launch 
Microsoft also OS launch for mobile in addition to computers, laptop and server but it was being so vain as expected | Mobile had the most success the Android OS on | In 2014 Microsoft on the mobile did admit OS he is far behind in comparison to Android |
2016 year, because recently Microsoft much existing for Microsoft users who launch the new version PC, tablets, smartphones and embedded devices in Windows which named Windows 10 | The new OS launch for the Windows server named Windows Server 2016 |


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