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How to make wallpaper slideshow in windows 7 How to slideshow of wallpapers in Windows 7

How to make wallpaper slideshow in windows 7  How to slideshow of wallpapers in Windows 7

After Windows XP, Windows 7 is using the most users, its pleasing features are also being liked by people, this is one of its features: Desktop Wallpapers Slideshow, most people will be able to bring their new look into the computer. It changes every day, three to four times in a few days. This feature is actually for those people, you can attach any folder of your computer to the desktop wallpaper and its You can set the duration of change, suppose you want every 10 seconds to replace your computer's wallpaper or once in a day you can do this with this setting, let's know how - 

  • Right-click on your desktop
  • Select Personalize and go to Desktop Background
  • You can browse here and select the picture location or folder whose images you want to use as a desktop slideshow, do not forget to select the selection.

  • Now, to set the duration of the slideshow, select the settings of your choice from change picture every, and if you want the picture to be shuffle then tune into the shuffle.

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